Catalan hinterland

Catalan Hinterland: A jewel of traditions.

If you wish to make your stay more meaningful, explore the Catalan region and all its flavours. Come to the Pyrénées-Orientales and experience various touristic aspects rich with honesty and sincerity.

Meet passionate people and discover quality products that will fill your heart with beautiful experiences.

Perpignan, situated in the hearth of French Catalonia offers a historically rich town centre. It is famous for its typical Catalan dance the Sardane, and iconic landmarks like the Castillet and the Palace of the Kings of Majorca will leave you filled with memories. During summer, on Thursdays the streets fill with people and festivities. Also, the International Festival of Photojournalism in September cannot be missed.

Céret, a charming small town known for its delicious cherries. The town of Les toiles du Soleil – the art of Catalan weaving, and timeless espadrilles, footwear that has survived the ages while maintaining an authentic look and ancestral craftsmanship.

Maury, is waiting to receive wine enthusiasts and those who long for a change a scenery. A couple of kilometres from the coast, here the expertise and passion of a few men gives rise to the best wines. Experience the Mediterranean spirit in this dream setting!

Salses, a unique example of military architecture. Enjoy guided visits and discover the secrets of its fortifications, or discover its rich history by yourself on a walk over the castle walls.

High above Villefranche de Conflent, Fort Libéria awaits your discovery. This remarkable monument was built by Vauban. In this superb setting you will get the feeling that at any moment you might run into soldiers waiting in ambush in the counterscarp galleries or villains-poisoners hidden in underground prisons.

In this town you can also board the famous YELLOW TRAIN (train jaune) for a wonderful journey. Over the rocky mountains, this Catalan train will delight both young and old.

Tautavel – Discover your origins, learn about the lives of your ancestors and retrace their footsteps in the museum of Tautavel. From the discovery of fire through ancestral paintings, created so long ago. Don’t miss this!